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Community comes together to transform kids’ school day

As the pandemic forced schools to adapt and modify teaching protocols, a school in rural Minnesota collaborated with a local designer to create portable multi-use desks for outdoors and inside. Teachers also saw an opportunity to reevaluate children’s screen-time usage.

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Two-thirds to three-quarters of parents of children ages 0 to 12 reported spending much more time on support activities for children's learning since school closures began. Source: RAND Corporation

At the Prairie Creek Community School, a K-5, tuition-free, public charter school located in Northfield, Minnesota, the Covid-19 pandemic created a unique problem: how to provide a platform for students to use for computer and other schoolwork in a socially-distanced, outdoor setting. It was also an opportunity to reevaluate children’s screen time usage and to create something new. The school teamed up with local designer Eastvold Furniture to create 180 Big Sky Desks, an innovative piece of furniture students can use for campfires, internet searches, and everything in between. 

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