From an opera stage to a mountaintop recording booth 00:00

Women at Work Stepping up to the mic

From an opera stage to a mountaintop recording booth

Natalie Naudus says her success as an audiobook narrator has been, in part, due to her operatic voice training. Naudus, who has narrated over 250 titles, shares what it’s like to bring characters to life from her home studio.

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The number of postings for female voices is growing faster (24%) than the rate of new jobs posted for males (16%). This trend has been developing for at least the last four years. Source:, 2018 study

Natalie Naudus, opera singer turned audiobook narrator, describes the pitfalls of being slotted into a single genre of books and how the community of narrators has helped raise the level of representation among voice actors and the books they narrate. She records from her home studio in the mountains of Virginia.

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Women at Work

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Episode Stepping up to the mic