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Create your own business, create your own culture

L.A.- based entrepreneur Anna Spearman tapped her Postmates and graduation money to begin Techie Staffing, which directly places technology staff in companies nationwide.

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The technology workforce in the United States is 90% white or Asian and 75% male. Source: Kapor Center for Social Impact

Techie Staffing founder Anna Spearman, 22, comes from a long line of Black, female entrepreneurs. A strong student in math and science, she was educated at primarily white institutions, where she was introduced to coding and robotics. Despite the homogenous cultures in her learning environments, she followed her interests and intellect. Upon graduation, she quickly felt the limitations of gatekeepers in the tech world. Following her mother’s advice to create her own work culture, she started Techie Staffing to recruit and place technology staff in companies nationwide. 

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I Get It

Nothing more American than starting and running a business!


I Get It

Very inspired by her drive


I Live It

I think it's really important, especially in the tech industry, for this type of change!! I love that she is prioritizing culture as that's something I value above almost all else in my business. Devs are not commodities, they are human. And the representation of culture and diversity in tech vs society at large is just wrong. I'm glad to watch an interview of someone I can totally resonate with!

Jackie Noack

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