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Choosing the path of adventure and exploration

Minnesotan Kiri Langseth-Schmidt, her husband, Dan Yuan, and their young son, Kai, are choosing a life of outdoor adventure, claiming space for their Asian American family in the beauty of nature.

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Black Americans represented 12.4% of the U.S. populace ages 6 and over in 2019, but only 9.4% of outdoor participants. Source: Outdoor Industry Association 2020 report

Kiri Langseth-Schmidt, who was born in South Korea, grew up exploring nature with her white adoptive family in northern Minnesota. Her husband, Dan Yuan, the son of Chinese immigrants, grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Together, they have created a life full of outdoor adventure. After biking around the world for their honeymoon, they now live in Minneapolis, where they are raising their toddler son, Kai, to love the outdoors.

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Episode Diversifying the great outdoors