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The U.S. judicial system is designed for face-to-face experiences, but the pandemic changed that dynamic. As courts return to open sessions, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys work to dig out of the deep backlog.

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The pandemic disrupted drug abuse treatment for Leon Wittner’s daughter Sara. The stigma of addiction kept him from seeking help earlier. In hopes of saving others, this grieving father speaks about his family’s experience with addiction and loss.

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Retailers are tweaking their approach to wooing customers – and boosting their sales. In spite of the pandemic, people still want to celebrate special day for lovers.

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Tim Rumrill of Ludlow, Vt., finds that hunting gives him a time of quiet as well as a sustainable way to provide food for his family.

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Aggression at home, and in the streets, is a catalyst for women seeking to protect themselves. The co-owner of a gun-training club cites domestic violence as one reason for the increase in firearms ownership.

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Senior workers man the front lines despite coronavirus risk

For millions of seniors, working during the pandemic is a life-threatening gamble as Covid-19 disproportionately affects the elderly. Debrah Dubay, who works at a hardware store in Taos, N.M., shares why she's still going.

Spring break 2021: Students balance risks, rewards

The pandemic put a damper on college spring break 2020. One year later, college students — and administrators — consider alternative options as safety takes precedence over fun.

CCNY students fight for flexible grading during Covid

When The City College of New York undergraduate student president, Shza Zaki saw how the fallout from Covid-19 was hurting her classmates and their grades, she decided to speak up.

Remote-learning issues and pragmatic problem-solving

Student absence rates soared during the 2020-21 school year, but U.S. school districts, educators, and parents found some creative ways to satisfy elemental needs for online instruction.

Enterprising crafters help fulfill a critical need

With every stitch, solo mask makers have helped to keep millions safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. More than a year after the pandemic emerged, their face coverings are still necessary.

Indigenous communities: Not monolithically Latino

Recognizing that many immigrants are neither Mexican nor Spanish speaking, a major part of the Comunidades Indígenas en Liderazgo mission is Indigenous interpretation, which has provided valuable information about Covid.

Concept of community helps cafe chain survive pandemic

Kevin Malhame, founder and CEO of Northstar Cafe in Columbus, Ohio, paid severance to laid-off workers, boosted digital media, and created a safe drive-in experience for customers at the start of the pandemic. A year later, he's hired back most of his staff, and business is good.

Life after overdose: grief, shame, 'if onlys'

The pain of losing a loved one to drug abuse or suicide can be exhausting and debilitating, and the isolation caused by the pandemic contributes to both struggles and treatment.

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