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Rethinking office space

The pandemic has created a seismic shift in how people work and how the spaces they work out of should be adapted to keep workers safe. Will the office ever be the same?

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More than half of U.S. employees (52%) would prefer a hybrid work model — working some time at home and some time in an office. Source: Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey 2020

The pandemic forced people out of their offices and toward adopting new ways of working. Many companies had to reimagine their work processes and the role of their office spaces — short-term and into the future. Workspaces in different U.S. cities show us examples of what the present looks like, and glimpses into what the future might hold.

Here’s a view from six photographers from around the country: Joe Mahoney, Ash Ponders, Sarah Rice, Julia Gillard, Ellen Jaskol, and Lynsey Weatherspoon.

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