Shona Koester understands how to build successful media companies. Her dedication to shaping a media ecosystem focused on the public interest is much more than a career. It’s her passion. 

Before joining the iPondr team in the summer of 2020, Shona served as the Chief Strategy Officer at PRX, a nonprofit media company specializing in audio journalism and storytelling. In overseeing broadcast and digital growth, Shona worked with some of the biggest podcasts in the industry, including TED and This American Life. She led strategic partnerships with producers like Latino USA and Snap Judgment, and played a key role in leading the merger between PRX and Public Radio International. 

Preceding her time at PRX, Shona spent seven years at American Public Media. As Vice President of Distribution and Partnerships, she secured an exclusive partnership with the BBC World Service and doubled the size of its U.S. audience within the first three years. She also successfully partnered with The New York Times to create and launch a version of The Daily for radio. Shona’s efforts ultimately led to a record weekly audience of more than 21 million for American Public Media.

Inspired by the vision for iPondr’s modern, story-focused approach to using media as an important tool for shaping culture, Shona took on the role of President. She focuses the overall strategy for the company, and oversees editorial, revenue generation and growth. Shona is inspired by the unparalleled talent the company has attracted. She believes that iPondr is an essential element of a healthy media environment, one that provides an empowering community for those who truly want to understand the complexity of the times we live in.

Originally from Seattle, Shona and her husband’s gradual migration eastward has landed them in Chicago; Saint Paul, Minn.; Boston; and finally back to the Twin Cities in Minnesota, where they continue to hone their skills as seeing-eye humans to their blind dog, Skeeter.