Only 44.8% of deaf African Americans and 43.6% of deaf Native Americans are in the labor force, compared to 59% of deaf Whites. Source: Deaf People and Employment in the United States 2019

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National Assigning Editor for Visuals

Joe Mahoney

Joe Mahoney is the National Assigning Editor for Visuals at iPondr. Mahoney was a staff photographer and Director of Multimedia for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver for a decade. In 2000 and 2003, he was part of the photo teams at the News that won Pulitzer Prizes for Breaking News Photography. After the paper closed, he helped form the investigative news start-up, I-News, and later became the Director of Multimedia for the PBS affiliate in Denver when they merged. Mahoney started his career with the Associated Press. He and his family live in Colorado with Shiloh the Wonder Dog and spend too much time playing hockey.

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