Women at Work

Stepping up to the mic

Managing careers and life

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From an opera stage to a mountaintop recording booth

Natalie Naudus says her success as an audiobook narrator has been, in part, due to her operatic voice training. Naudus, who has narrated over 250 titles, shares what it’s like to bring characters to life from her home studio.

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Want your message heard? Hire a female announcer

Voice acting, an industry long dominated by white men, gets a shot of diversity with more opportunities for women and people of color. Consumer preferences, new technology and shifts in training are driving the change.

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A performing artist finds her true passion off camera

Taj Ruler found her calling in voice-over work when she returned home to Minnesota after college. With a background in improvisation, she talks about her successes and the challenges faced as a scripted voice actor specializing in animation, narration and commercial projects.