The Great Rural

Pioneer living, in the present

Life beyond the big-city limits

In this episode 3 stories

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Living off-grid in a tiny house in the Wyoming mountains

Ariel McGlothin says the small space complements her outdoors lifestyle, including gardening, hiking and wildlife photography. She shares how she deals with challenges of living in a cold climate, 6,000 feet above sea level.

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Living for a living: Labor of love can be lonely sometimes

Brynn Paul is in the early stages of his life as a homesteader in West Woodbury, Vermont. Building his home surrounded by land and livestock he depends on, Paul reflects on the double-edged sword of his isolated lifestyle.

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A commitment to living much closer to the earth

They’re off the grid – and proud of it. And some modern homesteaders are on a mission to teach others about the need for self-sufficiency and stewardship of the land.