Metamorphosis for the club scene

Experiences, facets and ideals that define us

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Keeping the lights on at the local gay bar

Across the country, gay bars have been impacted by the pandemic in different ways, some fully shutting down, others going on hiatus, still others contributing to their community’s welfare by arranging food drives. As spring arrives, so does renewed hope.

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A year later, nightlife is almost unrecognizable

LGBTQ communities across the U.S. had lost many of their gathering places already. Now, there are even fewer venues, but some community veterans are maintaining, if not reinventing, themselves in unsettling times.

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Nights of community, nights of resilience

Spaces where validation, loyalty, and a sense of solidarity are critical for any marginalized sector. The lesbian community is no exception. The glue of nightlife spaces is the DJ—adjusting, sensing, and transforming the atmosphere with music.