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Dimensions of Health

Mental health disparities in Black communities

The spectrum of mental and physical health

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Trauma of Floyd aftermath leads activist to new advocacy

Isak Douah had long felt the mental toll of the fight for social justice but he’d always rebuffed suggestions to seek counseling — until the tragic events of Juneteenth 2020. His experience with therapy led to a new calling: funding mental healthcare for Black youth.

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Black barbers train to cut through mental health stigma

As more studies show the connection between racism and mental health, new approaches to help Blacks, especially men, find advocates and get care are springing up in traditional community hubs like barbershops.

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To be a woman, Black, and in need of some healing

iPondr’s Stephanie Moore, an advocate for mental health, and Crystal Smith discuss their personal journeys to find answers and the proper care for their own mental health issues, and some of the challenges they faced along the way.

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Mental healthcare and advocacy training resources

Finding mental healthcare that works for you can be daunting, especially in Black communities, where barriers to access are deeply entrenched. iPondr has curated a number of resources to get you started.