Sports in Society

Fueled by fans

How the games we play shape culture and society

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Covid-19 restrictions have changed the fan experience

From father-daughter duos to die-hard New York sports fans, Americans are mourning the loss of the in-person game-day moments they grew up with and treasure. And it may be a while until it’s back to ‘normal.’

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It's not rugby without 'energy bursting from the sidelines’

Fans are essential to the sports experience. Across the country, courts, rinks, and fields fell silent as Covid-19 restrictions heightened. Athletes have found ways to cope but are eager to return to the game and to their most loyal supporters: the fans.

March Madness, after year without game audiences

Most fans haven’t attended a basketball game in over a year. They made up for lost games with passion and energy at the 2021 NCAA men’s tournament games in Indianapolis.