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Johns Hopkins researchers are using a 1960s-era music lineup, replete with mostly classical and instrumental pieces, as part of their study into how the chemical compound in ‘magic mushrooms’ can treat adults with severe depression.

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Points of View

James Ransome and his wife Lesa are both children’s book writers, though James is more widely known for illustrating dozens of books. He recently won a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators: for a painting on the cover of a book about Black artists.

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If being a woman in STEM sounded difficult already, being an Afro-Latin lesbian in physics seemed almost impossible. She is a rare find, and she knows it. Dr. Jessica Esquivel learned with the years how to feel great in her own skin, championing the importance of diversity, equality, inclusion, and representation in her field.

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Here, Now

Canadian-American couple Landon and Lisette Placey have lived and worked along the U.S.-Canadian border their whole lives and never thought they’d see it closed. After it did for non-essential travel in March 2020, and with its closure extended until this month, they reflect on the profound impact the pandemic has had on their lives.

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Here, Now

With a mic and recorder in hand, Aria Velasquez decided to capture the mix of urban noise that pervades daily life in New York City.

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Here, Now

The happenings that you should know about

Is there a price to pay for ditching junk food?

Scientists have debated whether people can become addicted to highly processed, fattening foods. The latest study says people who cut back on highly processed, fattening food experience intense withdrawal symptoms that last two to five days.

Activists rally against 'fixing' infants' bodies

Cosmetic surgery to alter genitalia took hold in the 20th century. The nonconsensual operations on children continue today, even as the outcry against them grows and some hospitals abandon the procedures.

Ghost kitchens are more than delivery services

While commissary kitchens have been around for years, the pandemic and food delivery have transformed where those meals are prepared. Now known as cloud kitchens or ghost kitchens, startups and hotels have jumped onto this growing trend.

NFL seeks to score in the startup game

NFL owners are targeting more of their funding toward health and injury-prevention startups. And startups are responding in kind.

At American flag-making outposts, there's work to be done

In times of tranquility or turmoil, production of Stars and Stripes soars – aided, in part, by machinery.

Gaelynn Lea's pandemic year of music and activism

When the singer-songwriter and disability rights advocate from Duluth, Minn., saw how Covid-19 was disproportionately affecting people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, she decided to raise her voice and do something about it in her hometown.

Quest for justice resumes as courtrooms open doors

The U.S. judicial system is designed for face-to-face experiences, but the pandemic changed that dynamic. As courts return to open sessions, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys work to dig out of the deep backlog.

Senior workers man the front lines despite coronavirus risk

For millions of seniors, working during the pandemic is a life-threatening gamble as Covid-19 disproportionately affects the elderly. Debrah Dubay, who works at a hardware store in Taos, N.M., shares why she’s still going.


Points of View

Our opinions on the happenings that you should know about

The gift of my grandmother’s songs

How the songs my grandmother would sing shed light on my lineage, culture, and family traditions

A torn ACL and the new life that came with it

Bailee Bracken found her passion for volleyball during high school. But in September 2019, she tore her anterior cruciate ligament while diving for a ball. Bracken says the injury changed her life and brought about an epiphany.

Women in music take lead in the executive ranks

More women are making major moves and pushing for much needed change in the music industry.

Newlyweds produced award-winning film on immigration while on their honeymoon

Instead of spending money on a fancy trip, novice documentary filmmakers Michelle Nuñez and Raymond Remo traveled to Mexico to produce their first film, “El Pinche Gringo and the Barbecue Diplomacy.”

‘SecondActWomen’ share advice on starting a business and pivoting in midlife

Searching for a new career path can be a daunting task for women over 50. ‘SecondActWomen’ helps women start companies, change careers and stay employed.

A Black mother contemplates the future she envisions for her son

In the wake of protests in response to the murder of George Floyd, Shannon Gibney wonders how her son will impact change.

Virtual visits: a good change for incarcerated families?

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has instituted video visitations. Some feel this could be a lower cost and a more humane way to connect incarcerated people with loved ones and aid reintegration with the outside world, but others worry it could end in-person visits.

'This isn’t a sprint. We’re in a marathon'

Irna Landrum, who lives near George Floyd Square, shares with photographer Nina Robinson how she is living through this historic moment.