Nina Robinson is an award-winning documentary photographer and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Including precisely what is necessary, her work has been described as tender, cinematic and visceral. It has been featured on international platforms including National Geographic, New York Times and Time Lightbox. She covers stories in the American South, Midwest, and East coast. From timeless portraiture to varied editorial, commercial, and documentary assignments, Robinson continues to break the visual prejudices of race, gender, class, and age. She is also deepening her focus on memory, family, death, and reflection — how they live in the world and what they might look like to each of us. Robinson developed a groundbreaking and innovative phototherapy program in 2015 with senior citizens at William Hodson Community Center in the Bronx. Through the use of photography, older residents were able to openly explore personal and social issues. She continues similar social workshops and programming centered around photography across the country. Robinson is committed to public art, making photography in and with communities to expand knowledge, build relationships and diversify visual narratives. “One of the greatest things we can do is to use the gifts within us to help others to see or engage in ways that heighten their frequency levels. Encouraging them to build upon what they already have within them.” Nina Robinson is available to travel for assignments and workshops within the US and internationally.

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May 25, 2021

'This isn’t a sprint. We’re in a marathon'

Irna Landrum, who lives near George Floyd Square, shares with photographer Nina Robinson how she is living through this historic moment.