Panamanian multimedia artist Ash Ponders lives in the Sonoran Desert making visuals for newspapers and art galleries. Their art has been covered by the New York Times, BBC, CNN and Teen Vogue. Their journalism has been commissioned by NYT, National Geographic, WSJ, WaPo, San Francisco Chronicle, The Intercept, NPR, PRI, PBS, HCN, Smithsonian, Audubon and La Prensa. Ponders is a member of NAHJ, NPPA, FFR, Diversify Photo and Juntos Photo Coop.  In their spare time they translate poems, suck at jiujitsu, teach firearm safety and tutor adults in both Spanish & English. They desperately want you to follow them on instagram.

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January 25, 2021

After-school skate program provides more than bruises

When Covid-19 hit, Skate After School in Arizona still had plenty to give to kids. The skateboarding organization has shifted its priorities to try to support its community during the shutdown.

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