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Points of View A portrait of George Floyd Square

Tender moment disrupts Black fatherhood narrative

Photographer Patience Zalanga describes what she saw in this quiet moment in George Floyd Square, and what it can teach us.

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George Floyd Square has been an ongoing occupation protest and memorial site since May 26, 2020.

When I saw Twan and his son reading a book together, I thought of the assumptions that people have of George Floyd Square. Narratives are powerful and can shape our understanding of ourselves, our neighbors and the world. When I saw them, I saw a quiet and yet powerful disruption of multiple narratives. 

To be a witness to this quiet declaration of love felt important to document. It was a moment that was deeply antithetical to the stereotypes that suggest Black men are absent in the lives of their children and yet, here, they were simply enjoying time together. 

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Patience Zalanga

Points of View

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Episode A portrait of George Floyd Square