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Points of View A portrait of George Floyd Square

My son wonders if George Floyd memorial will live on

Photographer Kyndell Harkness reflects on bringing her son, William, to George Floyd Square in June 2020.

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George Floyd Square has been an ongoing occupation protest and memorial site since May 26, 2020.

He walked behind me as he does
Mask up
Eyes open
Asking all the questions
“Keep up”
“Stay with me”
As we moved through and passed people
It was a risk coming here
But the bigger risk was not knowing
We get to the place
William squeezed up front securing his spot
We watch and wait
Photographer friends flank us
William asked where George died
I said “Right here in front of us”
We listened to family and friends of George speak about this moment
I watched William clutch the fencing
I held him
He held me back
We walked to the center of 38th and Chicago to see the ring of flowers
William wondered what will they do with this place
I told him I didn’t know
He told me it needs to stay. 

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I Get It

I agree and feel the location has become an important part of our nation's history and relevant around the world. This could be our 9/11 museum--as place of learning as much as marking a point in time.

Kyndell Harkness

Points of View

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Episode A portrait of George Floyd Square