The dizzying 24-hour news cycle leaves little room for reflection, context and understanding. We miss key points of view, often because they are not included. iPondr raises up new voices, explores overlooked topics and reveals essential insights with depth and compassion to spark genuine, caring conversations. iPondr produces media that shapes a better culture, with thoughtful journalistic storytelling and authentic, immersive experiences to bring you Life Outside Your Bubble™.


iPondr is a place for curious people to learn about other parts of American society through genuine storytelling. Our agenda is not political - it’s human. iPondr is here to help you learn what others are thinking while you develop your own perspective and point of view. We don’t have to always agree. By sharing and learning together, we are Building A Kinder America™.

You are
a changemaker

Learn within a community that cares. Join the conversation and have your voice heard. Your point of view, added to many others, sends a message that cannot be ignored.

we create impact

We make your voice matter by turning insights into data that catalyzes real social change. By engaging with our stories and sharing your thoughts with the iPondr community, we gain valuable insight into what people care about and what type of progress they want to see. We pay it forward. Your paid membership supports great journalism and K-12 education programs that equip young people to participate in an interconnected society – whatever their point of view.


We are a Special Benefit Corporation with the mission to Build a Kinder America. We never share your information for marketing purposes. In fact, we don't share personal data. Period.

Building Social Intelligence

We're building awareness of the United Nations Global Goals. That’s why you’ll see iPondr stories tagged with Global Goals like “No Poverty” or “Equality for Women”.

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We go to places where life is interesting, textured, complicated, funny… worthy.

How we started

In 2020, a group of seasoned media professionals came together around the idea that media is a powerful tool that could be used to shape a better culture. The “what if” conversations became “what if we” conversations. That’s when things got really interesting.

What if our curiosity about authentic America led us to meet people we might not otherwise encounter. Not the “I climbed Kilimanjaro with no oxygen canister” kind of people. More like the “I climbed into my mini-van with the kids so we could stand outside a care facility holding a sign that says ‘I Love You Grandma’ ” kind of people.

Or “I climbed a ladder to gain a position in this company and now I am covered with baby food and logging into my first of ten remote meetings” kind of people.

Or, “I climbed a hill in combat to secure our freedoms and now I have PTSD” kind of people.

Our storytelling is rich.

iPondr explores Life Outside Your Bubble, whatever that bubble is. We go to places where life is interesting, textured, complicated, funny… worthy. The news of the day comes with us, on our terms, on human terms that are more about empathy than derision. More about problem-solving than blaming.

Are you with us? Are you one of us? Then you are a Pondrer. For you, we have built a unique, immersive experience for news and information, plus the ability to share and have your voice heard through feedback. We invite you to Listen, Watch, Read and Ponder.

Together we will shape a better culture and foster new connections across society.